Practice Areas

Our firm specializes in the following practices:


Corporate and Commercial Litigation:

The firm has extensive experience representing clients in complex civil and commercial litigation, including commercial disputes between companies, corporate and securities law, insolvency, disciplinary proceedings and more. For details, click here.

Criminal Litigation - White Collar:

The firm provides support during investigations and white collar criminal cases concerning offenses in the capital markets and securities; tax, VAT and customs offenses; breaches of intellectual property rights (copyright, trademarks etc); and negligence - causing death or bodily harm through negligence, breach of safety at work regulations and safety of installations (including in construction). For further details, see here.

Commercial Law:

The firm provides support for its clients, both in Israel and abroad, in all aspects of commercial activity in a wide range of sectors, covering every type of commercial agreement, such as licensing, agency, distribution, OEM and research and development agreements, and more. To expand, see here.

Corporate and Securities:

The firm provides support for companies of every sort, in both English and Hebrew, from companies in their very early stages, start-ups, private more mature companies, and public companies, in all corporate matters, mergers and acquisitions, and aspects of the capital markets. For further details, see here.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

A substantial part of the firm's activity in the corporate field is representing and advising clients on M&A transactions. The firm represents buyers, sellers and companies in complex merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions, both Israeli and international, whether in the purchase and sale of shares or in the purchase and sale of business activity or assets.
The partners in the firm contribute from their rich experience and bring to the table a vast amount of knowledge, some of it from the field of investment banking; thus, helping the client to better understand the financial aspects of the transaction and thereby make more informed and better decisions.
In recent years, the firm handled several complex and large merger transactions, with significant financial volumes.
The firm provides its clients with a comprehensive package of services, encompassing all aspects of the transaction: negotiating the deal; drafting the relevant agreements; performing due diligence; obtaining permits and licenses from the relevant authorities to complete the deal (such as the Competition Authority), submitting relevant reports to government authorities, and more.

Hi Tech:

In this field the firm provides advice to start-up companies, entrepreneurs, private investors and venture capital funds in all areas (commercial, corporate and finance) related to such companies. Legal representation includes providing support for companies from their very earliest stages (setting up the company), by way of the various stages of raising capital, through to acquisitions, mergers and public issues, both in Israel and abroad. To expand, see here.


Within this framework, the firm provides legal services in a wide range of issues related to antitrust, such as requests for approval of mergers, restrictive trade practices, monopolies and internal compliance programs. In addition, the firm represent clients in antitrust litigation and in criminal law matters related to antitrust and competition.

Real Estate:

In this area the firm provides its clients with advice concerning sales and acquisition agreements, leasing agreements ( for commercial and office properties or solely special properties).


Mediation is part of the growing need of the business community in Israel for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Advocate Levin (a certified Mediator) offers parties at conflict his vast experience combining law and business in order to reach creative solutions to resolve their conflict outside of court. Although most mediations take place after proceedings have already begun in court, it is quite possible to conduct a successful mediation before a lawsuit is filed. This way the parties can save significant time and cost.