Adv. Zvi Fisher

Adv. Zvi Fisher, previously the General Counsel of Koor Industries Ltd., is an experienced lawyer, with extensive international experience in all areas of commercial law, corporate law, venture capital and securities. Throughout his career, Mr. Fisher has represented corporations from all areas of the legal spectrum - start-ups, mature companies, public companies, and venture capital funds – in a wide variety of commercial transactions, investment transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and IPOs - both in Israel and abroad.

Mr. Fisher graduated with honors from the Faculty of Law and School of Economics at Bar-Ilan University. While at law school, has was a member of the editorial board of Bar-Ilan University Law Review. He also served as an assistant lecturer in corporate law at Bar-Ilan University.

Mr. Fisher conducted his legal internship at the Supreme Court of Israel (the Honorable Justice (retired), Eliahu Matza), and with one of Israel's leading law firms.

After several years as an associate in top commercial law firms in Israel, Mr. Fisher moved to Boston, USA, where he served as an associate at an American Law Firm. In Boston, Mr. Fisher dealt primarily with venture capital and high-tech transactions and US securities.

Upon returning to Israel, Mr. Fisher joined a leading commercial law firm in Tel Aviv as a partner, where he worked in various commercial and corporate matters, beginning with the establishment of companies, representing corporations in various and different stages, conducting IPOs on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange and in the US, mergers and acquisitions, international agreements, financing agreements and more.

Prior to the establishment of Levin Fisher, Mr. Fisher served as the General Counsel of Koor Industries Ltd., which was one of the most well-known public companies in Israel at the time, with a business volume of billions. As the General Counsel of Koor, Mr. Fisher was responsible for its daily legal activities. This included all financial transactions, commercial agreements, M&A deals, venture capital transactions, debt and securities offerings, corporate and securities regulations, and all reporting obligations to the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange and to the Israeli Securities Authority. Mr. Fisher also served as a liquidator of many subsidiaries of Koor.

Mr. Fisher serves as a member of the Corporations Committee and the Securities and Capital Markets Committee of the Israel Bar Association.