The Founding Partners

Ido Levin          

Adv. Ido Levin is an experienced lawyer, with rich and unique background in law and economics. For years he has represented companies and individuals, from Israel and abroad, giving them legal advice and representing them in complex litigation. His business and economic expertise enables him to locate the true interests of the parties and to find solutions that take into account the wider commercial context of the case.

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Zvi Fisher         

Adv. Zvi Fisher, previously the General Counsel of Koor Industries Ltd., is an experienced lawyer, with extensive international experience in all areas of commercial law, corporate law, venture capital and securities. Throughout his career, Mr. Fisher has represented corporations from all areas of the legal spectrum - start-ups, mature companies, public companies, and venture capital funds – in a wide variety of commercial transactions, investment transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and IPOs - both in Israel and abroad.

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